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People of the Cardiovascular Group

Principal Investigators

Dr. Daniel Kelly


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Dr. Bruce Murphy

Lecturer in Biomechanical Engineering

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Prof. Patrick Prendergast


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Dr. Catriona Lally

Lecturer in Dublin City University

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Dr. Garry Duffy

Lecturer in Anatomy in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

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Principal Clinical Collaborator

Mr. Dermot Moore

Vascular Consultant in St. James's Hospital

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Postdoctoral Researcher Fellows

Dr. Liam Breen

Dr. Garrett Ryan

Dr. Karen Coghlan (St. James's Hospital associate)

Research Engineer

Niamh Porteous

CardioColl a collagen-alginate composite scaffold to enhance the cardiac stem cell response and promote healing in heart failure

Postgraduate Researchers

Stephen Sheridan (PhD Candidate)

Utilising novel micro-injection techniques for bulk cell seeding decellularized tissue for vascular tissue engineering

Stephen Whelan (PhD Candidate)

Patient specific modelling of the mechanobiological response of coronary artery stenting

Gillian Gunning (PhD Candidate)

Transcatheter methods for repair and regeneration of diseased heart valves

Clive Curley (PhD Candidate)

Development of a temperature controlled catheter based injection system to deliver thermoresponsivegels loaded with therapeutics to the heart


Colin Boyle

Eoghan Maher

PhD Thesis (2011)-Elastic and inelastic behaviour of diseased and non-diseased arterial tissue in response to surgical interventions

Michael Early

PhD Thesis (2009)-An investigation into the higher rates of restenosis in peripheral arteries compared with coronary arteries following stenting

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