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Decellularised Arterial Tissue

Investigating the applications of decellularised arterial tissue

Vascular tissue engineering is the process of building an artery in a laboratory setting. These arteries can be used as bypass grafts for patients who suffer from end stage heart disease. These patients require the diseased blocked blood vessels in their heart to be bypassed by an alternative vessel to restore blood flow to the heart.

We are attempting to build an artery using pigs’ arteries as a foundation. Arteries are harvested from pigs in an abattoir and subjected to a process known as decellularization. This process removes all the pig cells from the artery and what remains is an empty protein matrix which is ideal to act as a scaffold for constructing a new artery filled with a patients’ own cells.

We have developed novel injection techniques for repopulating these decellularized scaffolds. Please CLICK HERE to view a video explaining this research in more detail.

This research is a joint collaboration between the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering and The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

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Figure 1: Tissue engineering of vascular grafts. © Copyright by Trinity College Dublin 2011, All Rights Reserved.
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