Principal Investigator
Edmund C Lalor, PhD
Research Faculty
Andrew Anderson Semantic representation in the brain and artificial models
Laboratory Technician/Manager
Lauren Szymula Cognitive Science
Postdoctoral Researchers
Nathaniel Zuk The neurophysiology of speech and music
Kevin Prinsloo Hierarchical processing in the auditory system and multisensory integration
Aaron Nidiffer Multisensory integration of complex stimuli
PhD Students
Adam Bednar Investigating the cortical representation of acoustic
space using continuous stimuli
Emily Siew Oon Teoh Investigating cortical processing of natural sounds
Aisling O'Sullivan Audiovisual speech integration
Michael Broderick Semantic speech processing in the brain
Shyanthony Synigal Decoding human electrophysiology
Farhin Ahmed Audiovisual speech integration
Emily Przysinda Prediction in Speech and Social Processing
Denis Drennan Characterising the Human Auditory System using a
Linear Least-Squares System Identification Approach.
Dr. Giovanni Di Liberto Isolating neural indices of continuous speech processing from
multivariate neural data.
Dr. Michael Crosse Towards a greater understanding of the neurophysiology of natural
audiovisual speech processing: a system identification approach to EEG.
Dr. Gerard Loughnane The role of selective visual attention in target detection:
Linking neurophysiology and behaviour.
Dr. James O'Sullivan Decoding the neurophysiology of auditory scene analysis with EEG.
Dr. Jeremy Murphy
Nathan Sowards
Amaury Vanvinckenroye
Conor Keogh
Julie Anne Kirwan
Claudia Ledesma
Nuno Goncalves
Rory Farrell
Catriona Egan
Md Nurul Islam
David O'Connor
Stefan Dukic
Pedro Marquez
Aine Ni Choisdealbha
John Shanley
Ali Wallace
Patrick Treacy
Emma Meade
Alexander Robinson
Hugh O'Dwyer
Helen Fletcher
Timo Lauteslager
Louisa Bradley
Caroline Sheedy
Steven Tyner
Oscar Tuohy
James Clifford
Rinmer Visser
Christian Walsh
Brian Kearney
Hesham ElShafei
Alex Pena
Fionan Keenan
James Barrett
John Egan

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Edmund Lalor
Assistant Professor,
School of Engineering,
Trinity Centre for Bioengineering and
Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience
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Trinity College Dublin,
College Green,
Dublin 2, Ireland

Edmund Lalor
Associate Professor,
Department of Biomedical Engineering and,
Department of Neuroscience,
University of Rochester,
201 Robert B. Goergen Hall,
P.O. Box 270168,
Rochester, NY 14627, USA

Phone: +1-585-275-3077