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Ehsan Chah

Biographical Information

Ehsan Chah graduated in 2007 with degree in Electronic Engineering from University College Dublin (UCD). His final year project was titled “Development of an automated seizure detection system for newborns using biomedical signal analysis”. He is currently conducting his research towards his PhD. His PhD is focused on understanding the neural code using electrophysiology recordings obtained from implanted electrodes.

Research Interests

  • Understanding the neural code.
  • Automated extraction of neural information.
  • Implanted neural prostheses.
  • Application of breath acoustics in Asthma Assessments.


  • Hippocampal dynamics predict interindividual cognitive differences in rats. V. Hok, E. Chah, S. M. R. B. Reilly, O'Mara. Journal of Neuroscience, 32, 3540-51. March 2012.
  • A Waveform Independent Cell Identification Method to Study Long-Term Variability of Spike Recordings. E. Chah, V. Hok, S. M. O'Mara, R. B. Reilly. 33rd Annual International IEEE EMBS Conference, Boston, USA. Aug 2011.
  • Theta-modulated head direction cells in the rat anterior thalamus. M. Tsanov, E. Chah, S. D. Vann, R. B. Reilly, J. T. Erichsen, J. P. Aggleton and S. M. O'Mara. Journal of Neuroscience, vol. 31,p. 9489-502. Jun 2011.
  • Automated spike sorting algorithm based on Laplacian eigenmaps and k-means clustering. E. Chah, V. Hok, A. Della-Chiesa,J. J. Miller, S. M. O'Mara , R. B. Reilly. Journal of Neural Engineering. vol. 8, p. 016006, Jan 19 2011.
  • Oscillatory entrainment of thalamic neurons by theta rhythm in freely-moving rats. M. Tsanov, E. Chah, N. Wright, S. D. Vann, R. B. Reilly, J. T. Erichsen, J. P Aggleton, and S. M. O'Mara. Journal of Neurophysiology. vol. 105, pp. 4-17, Jan 2011.
  • Late-onset hippocampal place cells activity in aged rats. V. HOK, E. CHAH, R. B. REILLY, S. M. O'MARA. Neuroscience 2010, SfN's 40th annual meeting, Nov. 13-17 2010 San Diego.
  • Theta unit-induced thalamic oscillations are conditioned by descending hippocampal inputs. M. TSANOV, E. CHAH, N. WRIGHT, S. D. VANN, R. B. REILLY, J. T. ERICHSEN, J. P. AGGLETON, S. M. O’MARA. Neuroscience 2010, SfN's 40th annual meeting, Nov. 13-17 2010 San Diego
  • Automatic spike sorting alogrihtm based on fast fourier transform. E. Chah, A. Della Chiesa, V. Hok, S.M. O’mara, R.B. Reilly. Proceedings of the 16th Bioengineering in Ireland Conference, January 22-24, 2010, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Investigating the Relationship between Breath Acoustics and FEV1 During Histamine Challenge. E. Chah, S. Glynn, R. B. Reilly, R. W. Costello, Proceedings of the 4th European Congress of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering, November 2008, Antwerp, Belguim.
  • Investigation of Entropy and complexity measures for Detection of Seizures in the Neonate. E. Chah, B. R. Greene, G. B. Boylan, R. B. Reilly. proceedings of Biosignals conference 2008, Funchal, Portugal.

Contact Information

  • Address: Printing House, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2 Map of TCD
  • Email:
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