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John S. Butler

John Butler

Postdoctoral Fellow,
School of Engineering.

Contact Information

Trinity Centre for Bioengineering,
Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute,
152–160 Pearse Street,
Dublin 2, Ireland.



John Butler received a B.A. in Mathematics and an M.Sc. degree in High Performance Computing from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He received his Ph.D. in Numerical Methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics from Trinity College Dublin. Following this, Dr. Butler completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Neural Engineering at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Germany, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship and faculty appointment in Cognitive Neuroscience, at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA.

Research Interests

  • Multisensory processing
  • Self-motion perception
  • Vestibular processing
  • Numerical Methods

Selected Publications

  • J. S. Butler, J. J. Foxe, I. C. Fiebelkorn, M. R. Mercier, S. Molholm, (2012) “Multisensory representation of frequency across audition and touch: High density electrical mapping reveals early sensory-perceptual coupling.” Journal of Neuroscience
  • A. Brandwein, J. J. Foxe, J. S. Butler, N. Russo, H. Gomes, T. Altschuler, S. Molholm, (2012) “Multisensory processing in children with Autism: High-density electrical mapping of audio-visual integration.” Cerebral Cortex
  • H. Nolan, J. S. Butler, R. Whelan, J. J. Foxe, H. H. Bülthoff, R B. Reilly, (2012) “Detecting Changes in Self-motion Heading: A High Density Electrophysiological Measure of Vestibular Processing.” Experimental Brain Research, 219(1):1-11
  • J. S. Butler, J. L. Campos, H. H. Bülthoff, S. Smith, (2011) “The Role of Stereo Vision in Visual-Vestibular Integration.” Seeing and Perceiving. 24 453–470
  • I. C. Fiebelkorn, J. J. Foxe, J. S. Butler, M. R. Mercier, A.C. Snyder, S. Molholm, (2011) “Ready, Set, Reset: Stimulus-Locked Periodicity in Behavioral Performance Demonstrates the Consequences of Cross-sensory Phase Reset.” Journal of Neuroscience, 31(27):9971–9981
  • J. S. Butler, S. Molholm, I. C. Fiebelkorn, M. R. Mercier, T. H. Schwartz, J. J. Foxe. (2011) “Common or redundant neural circuits for duration processing across audition and touch.” Journal of Neuroscience, 2;31(9):3400-6.
  • J. S. Butler, S. Smith, J. L. Campos, H. H. Bülthoff. (2010) “Bayesian integration of visual and vestibular information.” Journal of Vision, Sep 1;10(11):23

For a more complete publication list go to


  • John Foxe (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
  • Sophie Molholm (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
  • Pierfilippo DeSanctis (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
  • Jennifer Campos (Toronto Rehabilitation)
  • Heinrich Bulthoff (Max Planck Institute)
  • Lewis Chuang (Max Planck Institute)
  • Richard Reilly (Trinity College Dublin)
  • Michael Hutchinson (St. Vincent's Hospital)
  • Robert Whelan (University College Dublin)

Teaching Experience

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