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Jonathan Gallego

Contact Information

  • Address: Trinity Center for Bioengineering, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2
  • Email:

Biographical Information

Jonathan holds a Bachelor's Degree in Bioengineering from Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia and he was recognized as the best student of his cohort during 4 consecutive years. His bachelorīs thesis was related with Bioinstrumentation; A device for measuring pressure distribution on the feet was developed during that thesis and in this moment it is under patent revision.

Jonathan holds a scholarship to participate in the Common European Masters Course in Biomedical Engineering (CEMACUBE) funded by the European Union with a duration of two years. He did his first year of the masters course in Aachen, Germany and during that time he did an Internship of three months in Siemens Health Care. Currently, Jonathan is at Trinity College Dublin spending his second year of the master and focusing towards a specialization in Neural Engineering.

Research Interests

  • Jonathan is focusing his research in the study of EEG signals during ambulation of Parkinson īs disease patients which present freezing of gait. His objective is to find if the wave signals in the motor cortex in such patients have a different pattern compared to control subjects. For doing so, he is evaluating and possibly developing a signal analysis method for artifact movement removal in EEG signals during ambulation
  • He is also interested in deep brain stimulation (DBS) and neuromodulation of pain. He is looking to be involved in a project related with DBS in patients with Parkinsonīs disease.
  • EEG signal analysis of patients with Parkinson's disease and Freezing of gait.
  • Bioinstrumentation and electronic device design for biomedical purposes.

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