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Tim Foran


MSc in Physical Sciences in Medicine 2003, Trinity College Dublin. Tim is a Senior Physicist working with the Medical Physics and Bioengineering Department, St. Jamesís Hospital.

Research Interests

  • Cardiovascular haemodynamics, blood pressure and autonomic function
  • Clinical applications and dynamics of kinematic sensors

Currently completing a PhD under the Technology Research for Independent Living Research Program, analysing falls risk and gait in older independent adults using body worn wireless kinematic sensors.



Medical Physics and Bioengineering Department, St. Jamesís Hospital, Dublin 8.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Pseudo-hypertension and arterial stiffness: a review (Expert Topical Review) Timothy G Foran, Noirin F Sheahan, Conal Cunningham and John Feely, Physiological Measurement, 25 (2004) R21-R33

Compression of the brachial artery in vivo Timothy G Foran and Noirin F Sheahan, Physiological Measurement, 25 (2004) 553-564

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