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About us


Partners, Funding and Research Opportunities

There exists significant expertise in the TCBE in all three aspects of the ‘Tissue Engineering Triad’ –cell biology, biomaterials and both physicochemical and biological signals. Novel projects in this area include – the development of growth factor or gene delivery scaffolds, the exploration of the therapeutic potential of MSCs isolated from diseased joints and the development of in vitro culture systems that enable the engineering of tissues using MSCs with compositions and organizations mimicking that of normal tissue. These projects are being conducted with clinical collaborators to facilitate rapid translation to the clinic. While the initial focus has been in the fields of orthopaedic and cardiovascular medicine, there exists a clear potential to expand this expertise into other areas of medicine.

Areas of expertise

  • Tissue Types- Cartilage, Bone, Intervertebral disc, Peripheral Nerve, Meniscus, Cardiac, Blood vessels, Corneal
  • Cell Types- Primary cells (Chondrocytes, nucleus pulposus), Stem cells (bone marrow, infrapatellar fat pad, adipose, synovium)
  • Materials- Hydrogels, Scaffolds, Decellularised matrices
  • Technologies- Bioprinting, Bioreactors, Electrospinning, Cell encapsulation, Drug delivery, Gene delivery, Intraoperative care and Orthobiologics
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