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Researchers of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Group

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Partners, Funding and Research Opportunities

Principal Investigators

Mark Ahearne

Areas: Corneal Tissue Engineering, Hydrogels, Stem Cells
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Conor T. Buckley

Areas: Intervertebral Disc, Cartilage, Meniscus Regeneration, Bioprinting and Injectable biomaterials and biomimetics, Stem cells, Intraoperative care and Orthobiologics
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Veronica Campbell

Areas: Cellular neuroscience and Neuropharmacology
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Garry Duffy

Areas: Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Stem cells, Hydrogels, Drug delivery
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Daniel J. Kelly

Areas: Bone, Cartilage, Hydrogels, Scaffolds, Decellularised matrices, Bioreactors, Bioprinting, Stem cells
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Caitriona Lally

Areas: Blood vessels, Cardiac tissue, Bioreactors
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Clive Lee

Areas: Bone tissue engineering
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Michael Monaghan

Areas: Cardiac Tissue Engineering, Therapeutic bioactive biomaterials, Non-viral gene delivery, Stem cell research and differentiation
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Cathal Moran

Areas: Cartilage, Meniscus, Intraoperative care and Orthobiologics
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Fergal J. O’Brien

Areas: Bone, Cartilage, Peripheral Nerve, Corneal, Scaffolds, Drug delivery, Gene delivery, Stem cells
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Brian O’Connell

Areas: Dentistry, Stem Cells, Gene Delivery
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Kevin O’Kelly

Areas: Bone, Scaffolds
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Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Dr. Promita Bhattacherjee

Development of biomimetic scaffolds for corneal regeneration
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Dr. Dave Browe

A decellularised extracellular matrix derived scaffold incorporating freshly isolated joint tissue derived cells as a bioactive implant for cartilage repair
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Dr. Gráinne Cunniffe

Fabrication of bioactive matrix scaffolds from freeze-dried engineered cartilaginous tissue
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Dr. Yurong Liu

Functional cartilage tissue engineering using human adipose-derived stem cells
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Dr. Peter Madden

Generation of biomaterials for corneal endothelium regeneration and transplantation
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Dr. John Mulvihill

Development of a platform for understanding astrocyte mechanobiology: Steps towards the treatment of glaucoma in patients.
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Dr. Sara Romanazzo

3D Bioprinting of meniscus tissue specific constructs for meniscus regeneration
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Dr. Binulal Nelson Sathy

Development of bioinspired fiber reinforced hydrogel that recapitulates developmental processes to regenerate the bone-ligament Interface
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Postgraduate Researchers (PhD)

Henrique Almeida

Porous decellurized engineered cartilaginous tissue as a bioactive scaffold for articular cartilage repair
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Paola Aprile

Mechanobiology of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs): understanding the role of mechanical cues on hypertrophy and endochondral ossification of chondrogenically primed MSCs
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Simon Carroll

Oxygen microenvironments in developing cartilaginous tissues

Susan Critchley

Tissue engineer an anatomically accurate, mechanically functional carilaginous construct for whole joint regeneration
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Andrew Daly

3D Bioprinted Composite Hydrogels for Whole Bone Regeneration
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Julia Fernandez

Influence of biochemical factors on corneal cell behaviour and scaffold design
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Tomas Gonzalez-Fernandez

Development of novel gene-activated matrices for cartilage tissue engineering applications
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Jennifer Gansau

Microencapsulation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Minimal Invasive Regeneration of the Intervertebral Disc
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Alan Irvine

The role of mechanical cues in regulating initiation and progression of MSC chondrogenesis
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Claire Kelly

Influence of material properties on corneal cell behaviour
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Sophia Masterton

Mechanical regulation of corneal cell behaviour
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Masooma Naqvi

Natural ECM Microsphere Hydrogel Systems for Regeneration of the Intervertebral Disc (IVD)
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Adam O'Reilly

The development of a computational model of an osteochondral defect for use in the design of treatment strategies
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Pedro J. Diaz-Payno

Development of a bilayered decellularized extracellular matrix (ECM) derived scaffold for osteochondral tissue engineering
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Dinorath Olvera Ramos

3D fiber reinforced hydrogel for engineering the interface between soft and hard tissues
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Jessica Nulty

Development of 3D bioprinted composite constructs for large bone and osteochondral defect repair
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Rossana Schipani

Development of a computational model of a scaled-up 3D bioprinted construct for treatment of degenerative joint disease
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Postgraduate Researchers (MSc)

Ivan Dudurych

Directing Stem Cell Fate for Therapeutic Applications Using Decellularised Extracellular Matrix Composite Hydrogels
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Darina Gilroy

Magnetic Devices for Stem Cell Activation
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Sam Holt

Cryopreservation of Microencapsulated Stem Cells for Tissue Repair Strategies
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Jennifer Lorigan

Developing a cannabidiol-eluting Collagen-GAG scaffold

Tom McIntyre

Stem Cell Microencapsulated Ferro-Magnetic Based Microcarriers for Targeted Tissue Repair
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Srujana Vedicherla

Towards a Single Stage Procedure for Intervertebral Disc Repair using Nasal Derived Chondrocytes
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Amy Lynch

PhD Thesis (2016)-Development of a stem cell based approach for corneal tissue regeneration
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Michael Early

PhD Thesis (2009)-An investigation into the higher rates of restenosis in peripheral arteries compared with coronary arteries following stenting

Tatiana Vinardell

PhD Thesis (2011)-An investigation of joint tissue derived stem cells for articular cartilage tissue engineering

Stephen Thorpe

PhD Thesis (2011)-The effect of mechanical cues on the chondrogenic differentiation of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells

Eoghan Maher

PhD Thesis (2011)-Elastic and inelastic behaviour of diseased and non-diseased arterial tissue in response to surgical interventions

Andrew Steward

PhD Thesis (2011) The interplay of extrinsic mechanical signals and cell-matrix interactions on the chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells
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Thomas Nagel

PhD Thesis (2012) Computational modelling of tissue differentiation during osteochondral defect repair
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Alanna Gannon

PhD Thesis (2013) An Investigation of Structure-Function Relations in Articular Cartilage during Skeletal Maturation.
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Eamon Sheehy

PhD Thesis (2013)Towards Engineering Whole Bones Through Endochondral Ossification
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Darren Burke

PhD Thesis (2013) An investigation into the role of substrate stiffness and oxygen availability in the regulation of stem cell differentiation during tissue regeneration
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Tariq Mesallati

PhD Thesis (2014) Tissue engineering scaled-up anatomically shaped osteochondral constructs for joint resurfacing
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Lu Luo

PhD Thesis (2015) Engineering tissues with a zonal structure and composition mimicking native articular cartilage
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Rebecca Rolfe

PhD Thesis (2015) The mechanical regulation of skeletal development: Identification and characterization of mechanosensitive genes that contribute to tissue differentiation in bone and joint development.
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