: project team :

The project is multi-disciplinary and requires a team with diverse expertise and experience. The team members draw on their very varied academic and career backgrounds to meet this requirement.

The team includes two full-time researchers in both multimedia and technology and gender studies, two advisors in these areas and a project administrator.

Fionnuala Conway - Artist, Electronic/Multimedia and Technical researcher

Fionnuala Conway Fionnuala is responsible for designing and creating the Art of Decision exhibition. She is also responsible for publishing articles in relevant journals on the research challenges encountered. biography

Jane Williams
- Gender in Decision-Making researcher

Jane WilliamsJane is responsible for leading the research on the core topics of interest. Both Jane and Fionnuala work closely with research participants to ensure that the ideas and concepts are translated correctly into the multimedia domain. Jane is also responsible for publishing articles in relevant journals on the research challenges encountered. biography

Dr. Linda Doyle - Technical advisor

Dr. Maryann Valiulis - Gender advisor

Siobhan Ryan - Project administrator

Siobhan Ryan is responsible for the administration of the project and is involved in co-ordinating all the involved groups and running workshops. biography

: biographies :

Fionnuala Conway

Fionnuala Conway is a musician and multimedia artist, and has recently completed her PhD at Trinity College, Dublin. Fionnuala’s work focuses on the social, political, cultural and artistic possibilities of new media, new materials and technology. This focus is shown in a variety of presentations, from traditional materials to digital media, wearable technology to interactive digital media, immersive physical environments and theatre presentations.

Her PhD thesis, Exploring Citizenship through Art and Technology, focuses on the creative use of technology to generate awareness of citizenship (and other social issues), with a particular focus on interactive immersive physical environments. The Art of Decision project (shown in May 2005) is a practical manifestation of the theories in Fionnuala's thesis. Other work includes Urban Chameleon in collaboration with Katherine Moriwaki.

Fionnuala completed a Bachelor of Music at University College, Dublin in 1994 and an M.Phil. in Music and Media Technologies from Trinity College, Dublin in 1999. She has been lecturing on the M.Phil. in Music and Media Technologies course since 2002 and was appointed Course Director of the M.Phil. in Music and Media Technologies (http://www.mee.tcd/mmt) in 2006.

Jane Williams
Jane holds a Business Studies degree from Trinity College ('76) and a masters degree in Psychology from Colombia University, New York ('87). Jane is currently undertaking research towards a PhD on the subject of women in political decision making. Jane's career has been in business and includes two years in international banking with Banque Nationale de Paris, nine years in financial analysis and international marketing and sales with the Industrial Development Authority, both in Dublin and New York, a year with DL Taffner, New York, a TV production and animation company, and fifteen years in consultancy with The Sia Group. Jane's professional work is in strategic consulting, change programmes, facilitation and training. Jane's research interests include Women in Decision Making, Entrepreneurship and Harnessing Diversity.

Jane is currently on the Board of Forfas and the National Competitiveness Council. She has served on a number of public and private boards and committees.

Dr. Linda Doyle
Linda Doyle graduated in Electrical Engineering from University College Cork in 1989 after which she took up a position with Siemens AG, Germany. She returned to academic life and was awarded an M.Sc. in 1992 and a Ph.D. in 1996, both from Trinity College Dublin. Her Ph.D. made novel advances in the area of radiowave propagation in the 2 GHz band in urban environments. She was appointed lecturer in the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering in Trinity College, Dublin in 1997. Her research has focused on the design of future generation communication systems with a particular emphasis on mobile wireless networks. She has a large research group consisting at present of 12 Ph.D. postgraduate students and has been highly successful in raising research funds to support this large group. The research group is interdisciplinary in nature and draws students from a wide range of backgrounds from electronics, to computer science to the humanities. Dr. Doyle has done pioneering work on the development of software radio on general-purpose processors and this has led the development of the IRIS software radio platform – an advanced toolkit for implementing software radio on the Intel Pentium processor. This work has been internationally recognised and she is frequently asked to speak on this and related topics. Dr. Doyle is involved in a wide range of collaborative work and has published over 30 papers across her various diverse areas of interest.


Dr. Maryann Valiulis
B.A., M.A. (Marquette), Ph.D. (Loyola Univ. of Chicago). Centre for Gender and Women's Studies
Research interests include the role of women in society and politics an 20th century Ireland and continental Europe; women's history; women's studies.

Siobhan Ryan
Siobhan has B.A. in Psychology from National University of Ireland Galway. She
completed the MPhil. in Women's Studies at TCD.
She also teaches Women's Studies to a group of traveller women in a Traveller
Education Centre, and Equality Studies as part of a PLC course in a
college of further education
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