Unified Information Retrieval in the BBC Archive

Chris Wilke, BBC


Maximising the media assets of the BBC is a key aim of the BBC Archive. We have been piloting the use of digital asset management and related technologies to provide desktop access to programme makers. Equally important is the need for culture change in the BBC to create better processes for information management. An initiative called "Modernising the Archive" has begun this process.


Chris Wilkie has worked for the BBC since 1979, both within the Archive and in Production. He has been involved in the building, application and use of archiving and metadata systems for over 20 years. During the past eighteen months, Chris has been leading an initiative to modernise the BBC Archive. One key aspect of this is looking at emerging technologies which will improve access to content both within the BBC and outside. Another important objective is to automate the capture, management and delivery of content and metadata, including the automation of indexing using taxonomies.