RTP - Radiotelevisáo Portuguesa SA


RTP is the Portuguese public service television broadcast organization. RTP has produced and broadcast television since 1957, initially with terrestrial RTP1 and RTP2 channels. Today, RTP broadcasts 6 different television channels including RTP International and RTP Africa (satellite), RTP Azores and RTP Madeira. It is also associated with a sport pay-per-view channel SPORTV over a cable network. As the oldest television service in Portugal, RTP owns an important audiovisual Archive, considered as the national interest archive. Thus it has vast experience in managing and exploiting audiovisual archives. Within its organisation, RTP archives possesses considerable knowledge and development capacity in audio/video technologies both in the production field and instrumentation facilities i.e. in recording, reproduction, restoration and signal analysis.

RTP Archives maintains regular activities in international organizations in the archive fields, such as FIAT/IFTA, MAP-TV and EBU/UER, as well as heavy involvement in R\&D projects e.g. film/video restoration (ACTS AURORA) and creation of contents market for multimedia production (IMPACT SINATRA). At the national level, RTP is heavily involved in mounting partnerships between industry and R\&D institutions such as INESC, to design an in-house program to migrate their archives to a completely digital form. One such project is called VIDION Video Digital ONLine. The prototype will be in use September 1999 and will manifest as a small-scale archive to be used by the news service to liase with the other groups.

One of RTP's contributions to MOUMIR is to provide both audio and video data for analysis. They will also act as a user feedback site for attaching importance to particular retrieval activities as they pertain to a television broadcaster and holder of large archives. Currently VIDION employs a text based search engine, using an intelligent process for assisting the documentalist in the indexing process, which is based on a probabilistic model combining natural language processing with a thesaurus tool. This project will provide a unique opportunity to test retrieval techniques developed elsewhere in the consortium. RTP will use one researcher employed through MOUMIR for mixed media analysis; video parsing and text based retrieval. Therefore RTP's role pervades all the workpackages including WP9 in which RTP has agreed to act as a student placement site for MOUMIR researchers.

Mr. Joáo de Deus Frajado Sequeira graduated as a Civil Engineer from the Instituto Superior Técnico of the Technical University of Lisbon in 1976, and also graduated in Library Science in 1980 and Computer Science in 1994 from the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa. He is now Head of Documental Information Department of RTP Archives. Project leader of RTP in the R&D projects PRAXIS XXI VIDION Video Digital on-line, IMPACT SINATRA and ACTS AURORA. Mr. Sequeira is also currently an Assistant Professor in Knowledge Engineering and Expert Systems at the Computer Science Department of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa.

Orlando Cardoso Goncalves graduated in Civil Engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico at the technical University of Lisbon and in Psychology from Lisbon University. He has been Supervisor Documentalist at RTP since 1976 and is also the head of service of the audio-visual archive of RTP. Since 1988 he has coordinated the Preservation Program of RTP Audio-visual Archives, a program developed for film and old video material produced since 1957.

Maria Teresa Grades Balesteros graduated in Computer Science at the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa in 1994. She has been a Documentalist at RTP since 1980 and is now the Head of the Documentation Service. Research activities include natural language processing and text based indexing systems.