Trinity College of Dublin

Trinity College of Dublin

The signal processing team at the University of Dublin, Trinity College consists of staff members with a variety of interests in the information engineering area including image and video processing (watermarking, vision etc), wireless telecommunications and E-commerce. There is a strong interest in Bayesian methods applied to signal processing and applications range from MCMC (Markov Chain Monte Carlo) techniques for image segmentation to motion picture restoration. The Electronic Engineering Department has been involved with several EU funded projects (ACTS, ESPRIT) in the past including AURORA (Automatic Restoration of Original Film and Video Archives), Artweb, EURACO (European Robust and Adaptive Control Network), and OCTALIS (Offer of Content Through Trusted Links).

TCD will coordinate the MOUMIR project. It will collaborate with all the partners at every level of the project. The group is a growing one, and this is the ideal opportunity to allow the group to grow both academically and publicly in the areas in which it has established a reputation. TCD possesses a unique balance of knowledge between the high computational cost MCMC methods and low cost application scenarios e.g. real-time video restoration, fast unsupervised image segmentation. There are three key faculty members who will be involved with this project whose interests lie mainly in the areas of video processing and image representation, their background is briefly summarized below.

Anil Kokaram has worked in the area of video processing since 1989. He gained the Ph.D. from the Engineering Department at Cambridge University, U.K., in 1993 and was a Research Associate in the Signal Processing group there until 1998. In 1998 he was appointed Lecturer at the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department at TCD and is currently building a Video Processing group. He has published more than 30 papers in video processing and image sequence restoration. He has been involved with the ACTS project AURORA. His interests lie in the general area of video processing including motion estimation, motion picture restoration, video analysis and Bayesian techniques in video processing.

Padraig Cunningham

Simon Wilson gained the DSc from George Washington University in 1994. He is a lecturer in the Department of Statistics and has worked in the area of Bayesian solutions to image processing problems since 1996. He has worked since 1997 with Dr. Quinn on the application of these techniques in computer aided diagnosis from medical images. He also has a wide experience in the application of Bayesian methods to engineering problems and has published more than 20 papers in the area of Statistics in general.

Rozenn Dahyot received the diploma of the general engineering school ENSPS in France and the diploma of Advanced Studies in computer vision from the University of Strasbourg in 1998. She obtained her PhD in image processing from the University of Strasbourg, France in 2001. She is now working on Information Retrieval for the moumir project at Trinity College, Dublin. Her research interest concerns image and video processing, object detection and recognition, statistical learning.

Georgios A. Stefanou received the Diploma of Statistics and Actuarial Science from the University of Piraeus in Greece in 1999 and the MSc. degree in Applied Statistics and Operational Research from the University of Salford in England in 2000. He is currently a PhD. student at the Department of Statistics of Trinity College of Dublin. During his studies, he has been working in "Metrolife Emporiki" in the Department of Redemption of Insurance policy as file manager and also in "Public Power Corporation" in the Department of Hydraulic production as research assistant. He is Fellow in Royal Statistical Society and member of the Operational Research Society.

Marco Grimaldi received the MSc degree in Physics from Universita' degli Studi di Trento in 1999. Currently he is studying for a second MSc degree in the Machine Learning Group at Trinity College Dublin: in October 2001 he joined the Moumir project as post graduate student. His interests lie in signal analysis for classification and for information retrieval. His supervisor is Padraig Cunningham.