• 3D O'connel street and Trinity College Dublin
  • DART station and luas (luas for transparency)
  • Gary bowling
  • event in Dublin?
  • Trees/Foliage shot person walking in front of rose garden
  • Walking up the cricket pitch
  • Bicycle/stunt
  • reflections off the "sphere within a sphere" (Transparency)


  • Long-Room shot


  • person behind windows (2 moving objects)
  • person in reflective environment (fridge?)
  • flipping a book
  • blowing a windmill
  • loose dress and tight dress dancing
  • dance single/couple
  • shadows!!!


  • blowing smoke
  • hair blowing : 1) big tight curls 2) long fine hair
  • water? pouring water: into glass/onto glass/into bucket/splashes/water on face
  • flames / Bunsen burner
  • face close-up for blemish removal
  • close-up conversation (drinking tea?) (maybe combined with pouring drink/ in the common room?/inside a pub?)
  • green screen and natural background

Tracking shots

  • big camera motion
  • camera shake if possible
  • colour grading (ie. at different times)

3D shots

  • architecture stuff to recover


  • camera conditioning: image capture in low light and bright light (synthetic scene)
  • 3D rolling shutter
  • cameras should be moving if possible
  • record audio environment
  • try to have changing zoom
  • separation between cameras (ie obtain ground truth)


  • What is the Inition working day?
  • tell the communication office in TCD
  • Andrew has to ask the guarda station
  • is it a computer controlled rig? (ie record camera parameters etc.)
  • how easy is it to do camera pans? (especially for long room)
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