Foundry Licensing

Sigmedia have 5 floating licenses for NUKE, and 5 floating licenses for Tinderbox on After Effects. The licenses float from severnaya, which enables them to be used from any operating system, but you must be able to see severnaya to get a license.

NUKE is a node based compositing package, supporting the OFX plug-in standard. Furnace will shortly be available for OFX and we'll get you some licenses for that once it's finished. Tinderbox 1,2,3 and 4 contain a range of effects, like rays, ripples, sparkles and blurs that are used in After Effects. They may work in Premiere, but they aren't supported on there at the moment.

To use the software, download it from, install it then:

On Windows

Create a directory of C:/Program Files/The Foundry/FLEXlm/, (it might have been made for you by the installer) then put the Attach:foundry.lic file attached to this page into that directory.


Create a directory called /usr/local/Foundry/FLEXlm and put the file in there.

On all platforms, check the line endings are correct - the file should have three lines, like this:

SERVER severnaya 000d56c9c299
VENDOR foundry

(If you really want to, you can create a ""PLAIN"" text file (not rich text) and paste the above into it.

After that you should be good to go.

Page last modified on June 26, 2007