Sigmedia Material


TypeMachine's NameSPEEDRAMdatespecial
Precision 410papabois2x600 MHz PIII1GB10/1999Its Old, But Does Its Job
Optiplex GX240Mohammed1.6 GHz PIV512MB10/2001No Gigabit Ethernet
Optiplex GX240Andrew1.6 GHz PIV768MB10/2001No Gigabit Ethernet
Optiplex GX240Deirdre2.2 GHz PIV512MB04/2002No Gigabit Ethernet
Optiplex GX240Agnes2.2 GHz PIV512MB04/2002No Gigabit Ethernet
Optiplex GX240Dave's undertable2.2 GHz PIV512MB04/2002No Gigabit Ethernet
Precision 360Claire2.4 GHz PIV512MB06/2003Baikal Replacement
Optiplex GX270Daire2.6 GHz PIV1GB03/2004Has Gigabit Ethernet
Precision 360Dysvideo2.6 GHz PIV1GB06/2003
Precision 360Hugh3 GHz PIV1GB06/2003
Precision 670Gary2x 2.8GHz Dual Core Xeon1GB2005
Precision 380Guillaume3GHz Pentium D2GB2006
Precision 380Naomi3.4GHz Pentium D2GB2006
Precision 490Francois3.2GHz dual Core Xeon D 50602GB01/2007
Precision 490AnilXeon 51402GB06/2007

HD space can be saved by using WinDirStat. It analyses where big files and big folders are. Convenient for cleaning old stuff.


Typepixel sizeCurrent Machine's Namequality
LCD 24" wide1920x1200Francoisgreat
LCD 20" wide1650x1050Philgreat
CRT 19" dysvideoblurry, needs replacement
CRT 19" MohammedOK, could be replaced
CRT 19" HughOK, could be replaced
LCD 19" Naomigreat
LCD 19" Garygreat
LCD 19" Davegreat
LCD 19" Deirdregreat, has speakers & USB
LCD 17"1280x1024Dairegreat, has speakers & USB
LCD 17"1280x1024Agnesgreat, has speakers & USB
LCD 17" GuillaumeOK, slightly damaged
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