Links to sites with useful information on stereo camera rigs

Discussion on CMOS and CCD censors in video cameras

Russ Anderson's rant pages (on stereo camera rigs) (on cmos camcorders)

sites selling lanc synchronisation controllers

cnet's review of genlock cameras;page

Some useful comments on LANC Controllers

"After a lot of talk about the basic requirements needed, the bottom line of the workshop was that the best system (they claimed) is a rig that uses 2 Sony digital cameras (Such as the DSC-V1 or DSC-V3 models) that have LANC output connectors, and a LANC/Shepherd "box" which basically synchronizes turning the cameras on, firing the shutters, and synchronized zoom. An LCD display indicates the number of milliseconds that the shutters will fire within each other on the two cameras. However, the box does not actually synchronize the cameras, but by synchronizing turning the cameras ON at the same time, the shutter firing will be in close synch, and the display will indicate the degree of synch. If it is not close enough, one powers the cameras off and on again for better synch. The purpose of this article is not to explain this system, as full details are available at the following web site:"

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