ToDo list for the website

The ToDo list

  • massage a bit the 'news' engine
  • ? maybe use GoogleBlogPing to reference the website
  • submission process?
  • upload: fix pb when somebody wants to name a file with a name that already exists,especially for publications. say force the name of the publications??
  • have a popup for when clicking on an image
  • directly go back to page when upload successful
  • do we need a private Intranet group in top of the Misc?
  • we need a list of uploads (in edit mode).
  • rewrite the flv thingy to match the wiki %width=300 height=200%Attach::video.flv
  • able to change css on the site itself
  • force refreshing cache when uploading image

The Bug List

  • on IE, the documentation doesn't display very well...
  • minor bug in the CSS, the logout/login button should be designed.
  • minor CSS bug, the external link appears too often

The done list

  • handle login/logout. when cookie (PHPSESSID) is present, activate sigmedia_edit.css else sigmedia_edit.css.
  • static pages.
    The pb is that 1) some pages are too slow to be generated (say the publications page requires quite a lot of processing.). Thus the idea is to save the html rendering in the published directory and provides the people with this page. Of course now we starting to have some issues with security and all that crap.
    Everything is in index.php. in particular, their is mechanism to check against a few dynamic behaviours, like sidebars.

I think the whole static concept is a bit a bit dodgy. Instead of having a wrapper that distributes entire static pages it might be better to push the wrapper inside pmwiki. While creating a dynamic page pmwiki asks for page fragments like wiki.d/Main.Research wiki.d/Site.SideBar wiki.d/Site.NavBar wiki.d/Main.Research News.* etc. which could be static. In a sense, we are still having dynamic pages and the security/admin would still be handled by pmwiki, but it would be faster to load these fragments because they can be cached. Note that we would still need a way of handling further dependencies.

  • the bibtex management.
    The way it is done is quite cool.

List of trivial things done

  • having a history button in the edit section
Page last modified on September 13, 2007