Intranet, sort of

This is the Intranet of Sigmedia Lab, a place to vandalise whenever you feel like. It's great fun, believe me.

SFI Review

A page containing files specific to the SFI Review,

Tutorial on Scientific Writing

You can find Anil's and Naomi'sgslides from scientific writing courses in the following PDFs Anil's Notes Naomi's Notes

playing with the website

  • convert videos to FLV by using FLVEncoding
  • a better converter is SUPER, the interface is not that well designed, but it does the job in more cases than FLVEncoding.

Coding Practices

humm, I dunno, should put here some coding practice in MATLAB, MEX and so on...

Tutorials and Common Knowledge

Say for instance that in MRF, ISING model is crap but can be simply improved, etc.


How to convert DV tapes to images?

Claim Form

The claim form for conference expenses is here


Travel and Subsistence Rates, 1 January 2009

The travel and subsistence rates for Ireland and abroad is here


Trinity Crest .eps

This is the .eps version of the College Crest issued by the web design office for posters etc. Conditions on using the crest require that the wording 'Trinity College Dublin' appears either below or to the right hand side of the crest.


Dave's Useful Links

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