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Dave Succesfully Passed His Viva

David has passed his PhD defence with success. He shall be called Dr. Dave for the rest of his life. Congratulations to him!

Academy Award® for Dr. Anil Kokaram

We are delighted to announce Dr. Anil Kokaram has been honoured with a Scientific and Engineering Award® from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®.

Figure: '2006 Scientific and Technical Achievement Awards® winners.' Image copyright of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®. All rights reserved.

Dr. Anil Kokaram along side with Dr. Bill Collis, Simon Robinson, and Ben Kent from The Foundry, received the Academy Award® for their roles in the design and development of Furnace . The Academy considered the Furnace toolset’s modularity, flexibility and robustness to have set a high standard of quality for optical flow based image manipulation. Read the full press release.


Launch Of The New Sigmedia Website

Welcome to the new website! The website has visibly received a major redesign, the most important one is that it is now running on a wikiwiki engine (pmwiki). Now that any Sigmedia member can edit the content, the information on this website should be more up-to-date. This transformation is also coming along side with a lot of other sweet improvements.


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