Deblurring in Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) images

Sponsor: SFI

This project is a collaboration with the Nanoscale Function Group (NFG) in UCD, and the principal measurement tool used by NFG is Atomic Force Microscope. A type of artefact is induced by the imperfection (multiple asperities) of the scanning probe when the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) captures a material surface structure with nanoscale resolution. This artefact has a dramatic form of distortion rather than the traditional blurring artefacts. Practically, it is not easy to prevent this kind imperfection of the scanning probe. However, by using natural image motion deblurring techniques in image processing domain, a comparatively reliable estimation of the real sample surface structure can be generated. The proposed deblurring algorithm involves a novel Hough Transform technique as well as a Bayesian deblurring algorithm to remove this type of artefact. The deblurring result is successful at removing blur artefacts in the AFM artefact images. And the details of the fibril surface topography are well preserved.

Page last modified on May 16, 2012