Flicker Removal, Deflicker

author: François Pitié
keywords: Flicker Removal, Flicker Compensation, Deflicker, Brightness Stabilisation, Digital Movie Restoration

Temporal random variation of luminance in images, can manifest in film and video due to a wide variety of sources. Typical in archived films, it also affects scenes recorded simultaneously with different cameras (e.g. for film special effect), and scenes affected by illumination problems. Many applications in Computer Vision and Image Processing that try to match images (e.g. for motion estimation, stereo vision, etc.) have to cope with this problem.

The success of current techniques for dealing with this is limited by the non-linearity of severe distortion, the presence of motion and missing data (yielding outliers in the estimation process) and the lack of fast implementations in reconfigurable systems.

We propose new techniques that are able to cope with strongly non-linear brightness distortions [2,3] as well as finely spatially localised fluctuations [1] of the flicker artefact. Thanks to a unique implementation based on the novel use of general purpose PC graphics hardware, the system can operate at real time on standard PC with broadcast standard definition images.

Figure: Video. On the left the original shot. On the right the deflickered shot.
Figure 2: Video. Results on a colour sequence from a 8mm movie.


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