by Claire Gallagher

Keywords: Texture Synthesis, Image modelling, Wavelet Based Analysis.

The problem of texture synthesis is a large research area in the computer graphics industry and in image post production and has received much attention in recent years. Given an example texture as a small sub-image, the idea behind a successful texture synthesis algorithm is to create a new (typically larger) image by generating or synthesising more texture. This new synthesised texture should be perceptually similar and thus give the impression of being generated from the same underlying statistical process as the example texture.

Below are some examples of synthesised texture generated using a novel wavelet based texture synthesis algorithm. The example texture is shown in the middle inside the black square and the new synthesised texture is grown around this example texture "seed". This algorithm combines the benefits of non-parametric modelling with wavelet based texture analysis. Unlike previous non-parametric approaches the algorithm is scale robust and generates impressive results for a wide range of textures. In addition, because most of the computationally intensive analysis work is performed at the coarse resolution, the algorithm is computationally efficient making it suitable for generating large texture images.

Comparision with Previous Approaches

To further demonstrate the strength of this new approach, an extensive comparison has been done between it and results obtained using a wide variety of previous approaches. The original texture images are taken from the Brodatz collection and the synthesised results obtained using the various approaches are shown below.

  • Original Images
  • Our Results
  • Kokaram (2000)
  • Portilla and Simoncelli (2000)
  • Efros and Leung (1999)
  • Wei and Levoy (2000)
  • Ashikhmin (2001)
  • Hertzmann (2001)
  • Efros and Freeman (2001)


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