3C1: Digital Signal Processing

Example Sheets and Answers for 3C1

ep1_2003_Complex ps, pdf

Ans1_2003_Complex ps, pdf

ep2_2003_Signals ps, pdf

Ans2_2003_Signals ps, pdf

ep3_2003_Laplace ps, pdf

Ans3_2003_Laplace ps, pdf

ep4_2003_convolution ps, pdf

Ans4_2003_convolution ps, pdf

ep5_2003_Frequency ps, pdf

Ans5_2003_Frequency ps, pdf

ep6_2003_Fourier ps, pdf

Ans6_2003_Fourier ps, pdf

ep7_2003_DSP ps, pdf

Ans7_2003_DSP ps, pdf

ep8_2011_DSP pdf

Ans8_2011_DSP pdf

Notes on Signal and Systems

These handouts contain many parts that are not filled in. There might also be slight differences from the handouts that I gave out in class.

Control System Notes

Laboratory sheets

Sample exam paper for 3C1 2010

sample_exam2010 pdf

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