4C8 Digital Media Processing

Official Course Description pdf,

Lectures and Handouts

Introduction to Matlab (old) pdf,

Introduction and background pdf,

Human Visual System (Handout 1) pdf,

Pixel and Spatial operations (Handout 2) pdf,

Signals and Systems (Handout 3) pdf,

Transforms (Handout 4) pdf,

Image Compression (Handout 5) pdf,

The DCT and JPEG (Handout 6) pdf,

Wavelets (Handout 7) pdf,

Digital Video (Handout 8) pdf,

Motion Estimation (Handout 9) pdf,

Video Processing Applications (Handout 10) pdf,

MPEG2 (Handout 11)pdf,

Advanced Digital Video and MPEG4 (Handout 12) pdf,

PowerPoint Slides

Revision of Lossless Compression pptx

Notes on the Haar Transform ppt

Notes on JPEG Compression pptx

Slides on the Wavelet Transform pptx

Slides on Motion Estimation pptx

Slides on Video Processing Applications pptx

Slides on MPEG2 pptx


Tutorial 1 pdf,

Tutorial 2 pdf,

Lab Handouts

Laboratory 1 (Pixel Operations) pdf,

Laboratory 2 (Spatial Operations) pdf,

Laboratory 3 (Compression) pdf,

Laboratory 4 (Wavelets & Block Matching) pdf,

Laboratory 5 (Motion Compensated Video Processing) pdf

Past Exam Papers

4c8 papers with high quality pictures

4s1 2009 Section B

4c8 sample paper

4c8 2010

4c8 2011

Revision on Z-Transforms and Difference Equations from 3C1

Introduction to Digital Filters 1 (Difference Equations) pdf,

Introduction to Digital Filters 2 (Z-Transform) pdf,

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